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D series professional power amplifier
With the latest generation of Class D++ modules, the D series is the most 
cost-effective power amplifier and is favored by professional audio
·Class D++ module.
·Public switching power supply
·XLR multi-function input connection socket
·SpeakON NL4 output socket
·Rear panel connection mode selection (stereo/parallel)
·The whole machine has intelligent all-round protection
·Front panel independent channel power indicator and signal indicator
·Extremely lightweight machine weight
·Fresh and sweet voice
Model D-600 D-800 D-1000
Out Power (8Ω) 2×600W 2×800W 2×1000W
Out Power (4Ω) 2×900W 2×1200W 2×1500W
Frequency Response  20Hz - 20KHz,+/-0.5dB

Total harmonic distortion 4Ω - 8Ω / STEREO

20 Hz - 20 kHz half power 8 Ω / BRIDGE

S/N Rate signal to noise ratio ≥90dB
Damping coefficient R L= 8 Ω 1kH z <700
Input Sensitivity  1.0V
Input Impedance  20KΩ/10KΩ(Bal/Unbal)
Cooling  Air flow frome front to rear 
 Amplifier protection circuit
POWER switch ON/OFF mute, DC, short circuit protection,
Temperature detection, overheat protection
Dimensions  480×270×50mm
Net weight (KG) 4.8KG 5KG 5.2KG


Panel color:

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